Petoi Robot Dog Bittle

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A pre-assembled robot dog that can be played out of box
1 spare P1S Servo
Bluetooth and WiFi dongles

Petoi Robot Dog Bittle


High-performance, Open Source Robot Dog


Software supported CodeCraft (scratch-based); Arduino IDE;
a Python API sending serial commands
App 3rd party Android / iOS app
Assembly time by Petoi 40 mins
Dimensions 200 x 110 x 110mm, 7.9 x 4.3 x 4.3inch
Weight 290g(10.2oz)
Number of joints 9
Frame material plastic
Colors Black+Yellow


Controller board NyBoard V1
CPU ATMega328P
External EEPROM 64Kbit
IMU 6-Axis MPU6050
PWM channels 16
Grove 4
RGB LED (NeoPixel) 7
Built-in connectivity & features Serial UART, I2C network, infrared receiver, buzzer
Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity Official Bluetooth and WiFi dongles
Raspberry Pi support Yes


Servo P1S
Quantities in pack 10
Max voltage 8.4V
Wall Material Plastic
Gear Alloy
Motor Coreless


Battery Type Li-ion battery pack
Battery included Yes
Capacity 7.4V 1000mAh
Current typ./max. 2A/5A
Battery life 1 hour
Charger USB 5V 1A
Charge time 2h
Charger included No
Charging cable Micro-USB to USB cable included


USB cable Regular micro-USB to USB cable included for wired connection
Petoi Robot Dog Bittle

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Petoi Robot Dog Bittle

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What’s Included

Meet Bittle, the Palm-sized Open Source Bionic Robot Dog

Play with Bittle for Fun

A Robotic/STEM Kit with So Many Possibilities

For educators, students, engineers, hackers, and makers like you

Highly Programmable for Lifelike Behaviors


Scratch, C++, Python Coding

Highly Extensible with Raspberry Pi & Arduino Ecosystem

Note: USB programmer, Bluetooth & Wifi Dongles included.  Raspberry Pi isn’t included.

Easy for AI Applications


Note: the intelligent camera modulefor object detection & tracking is optional.

Amazing Performance in a Tiny Package


Frequently Asked Questions

Where’s the manual/documentation?

Please visit our documentationfor detailed instructions on assembly, configuring, deploying codes to run sample codes, and using different modules.

What’s the recommended age?

Bittle is suitable for adults and children over the ages of 14.   Kids can enjoy playing with Bittle under the supervision of an adult.

How long does it take to assemble Bittle?

On average, it takes one hour to assemble Bittle’s frame.

How beginner-friendly is the process of setting up the software and playing with Bittle?

If you buy the pre-assembled kit, you can play with Bittle out of the box with the included remote control or the Petoi mobile app.

If you buy the base kit, after assembling the pieces, you will need to learn some basic operations in Arduino IDE or use the Petoi mobile/desktop appsto configure. Then you can control Bittle with the included infrared remote or the Petoi mobile or desktop apps.

Do you have drag & drop coding support and provide any curriculum?

Our collaborator TinkerGen provides the web-based drag and drop coding interfaceand corresponding programming curriculumfor free. It’s more for educational purposes.

How long does the battery last?

The Li-ion battery pack for about one hour of continuous walking.

Does the kit include a charger?

The kit does not include a charger or charging cable. The battery can be charged with regular micro USB chargers.

Can you tell me more about how your hardware works with Arduino/Raspberry Pi and its supporting modules?

Please check out the hardware sectionin the FAQ.

Can you tell me more about the supporting software?

Please check out the software sectionin the FAQ

Can you tell me the differences between your robot dog and cat?

Please check out the Petoi robot comparison.

How is Bittle compared to some of the best robot dogs and mechanical puppies on the market??

Please check out the robot dog comparison.

How much weight can Bittle carry?

Bittle can carry 1lb of weight.

Is Bittle waterproof?

No.  But Bittle can walk in the shadow water area.

How many joints does Bittle robot dog have?

Bittle has 2 joints on each of its legs and 1 joint on its neck, so a total of 9 joints.

How fast can Bittle run?

A safe fast speed is 2 body lengths/second, or 40mm/second. It could run 3-4 body length /second in experimental mode(not published).

Where can I find 3D-print STL files for Bittle?

You can download themfor some of the parts.

Is there a robot dog Bittle unboxing review?

You can find a lot of Bittle unboxingreviewvideos on YouTube.  ” Meet My New Pet – Petoi Bittle The Bionic Dog Robot” is amazing.

Is there any Bittle review on Amazon??

Yes.  Please check Amazon customers’ Bittle reviews.